Why do I need a Security or rather spying System for my organization?

It’s a very basic question; with very simple answer – ‘YES’. Different business have different requirements depending upon the size & style of business. And they adopt the systems for various reasons. It could be for reducing the theft, avoiding secondary headaches of burglary, internal protection of employees from bodily harm from vandalism, avoiding fraudulent lawsuits, maintaining the work discipline, etc.

Why a DVR has become an inherent part of any CCTV solution ?

Technically, CCTV scheme can be configured without a DVR also – but practically not. No one is expected to view a CCTV live view, all the time. DVR not only offers you this freedom but also generates Time / Date stamping on the video footage for all future needs.

Should I choose a computer-Based or Standalone DVR System?

Standalone systems are more stable in performance compared to Computer – Card based DVR systems. Also, for 24 X7 applications, all computer platforms are not supportive. Whereas, for Remote connectivity applications, Computer based DVR is more supportive.

What is infrared?

Infrared or I.R., is a range of frequencies lower than visible red light commonly used in covert surveillance and inexpensive wireless video link.

Will the camera include audio recording?

No. Covert audio recording is strictly prohibited by law.

Can I see the view of different places at a time?

Yes, you can see the view of different places at a time on a single monitor with help of 4 channels,8 channels,16 channels DVR

For How many days I save my recordings?

It depends on capacity of your hard disk. The trend is for minimum 7 days.

Will an IR (Infra-Red) Camera see in total darkness?

Yes it will – of course, depending upon the model you select and the object distance you are interested in to.

Does ANALYTE deal with the latest variants in CCTV – like IP Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, Remote connectivity solutions ?

Very much. The complete range of such products is available with Analyte.

Can one assume that a CCTV system, is a complete solution for any security need ?

Depending upon the application, set-up [ Residence, shop, Mall, Office, Industry, Public place etc. ] and the degree of security cover expected, a system provider should devise a proper security scheme. That’s why we see, Intrusion Alarm system, Access Control system, Perimeter protection system, etc. in application. Even for a particular site CCTV may not be the first logical option of security solution.

Have Intrusion Alarm systems become more dependable ?

As the first output of any Alarm system is a loud Siren, there is always a possibility of a nuisance in case the system gives a false alarm. Analyte adopts Wireless platform for such systems, thereby eliminating the risk of loose connections / wire breakages etc, which generally cause false alarm. Additionally, such system becomes easily adaptable for any premises at any given stage due to minimal dependence of additional wiring. Word of caution – Unless the customer is serious enough while operating such systems, no installation is nuisance free.

Restricted areas are to be secured through Card type or Biometric [ Finger print based ] type Access Control devices ?

Depending upon working environment Card or Fingerprint option is recommended. High risk organizations generally go for Card plus Finger combination type systems.

Can Time Attendance system support two-shift / three-shift work cycle ?

Yes, a Time-Attendance system with properly selected Attendance software will support such requirements.

What is the use of Video Door Phone, when premises is locked from outside ?

Selective models support memory clip function which stores last 100+ successive visitor images – a useful feature when you are not in or you are in.


Is there any difference between UPS and Inverter ?

Both are power back-up devices; but that is the only similarity as far as application side is concerned. Traditionally Inverters [ typically with Square Wave raw output and slow switchover time ] were targeted for longer duration back-up for general electrical, non-electronic - non sensitive gadgets where as UPS were meant for Computer back-up for typically 10-15 minutes, thereby allowing a safe shut-down. Though of-line UPS too, produce Square / modified Square wave output, they have fast switch over feature making them compatible for Computer support.

Can I safely run tube-lights, fans and other house-hold appliances on Inverter ?

Sine Wave Inverters [ with pure power output ] is the ideal, safe choice, if any electronic / sensitive appliance is to be connected to Inverter line. Remember – Mobile chargers, DVD – Home theatre system, LCD /Plasma T.V. sets, Electronic regulators of ceiling fans, Modems etc. being electronic gadgets, are in danger zone when connected with routine square wave type Inverter. Best option is to go with Pure sine wave Home UPS system [ Inverter and Ups combined ].

Can UPS / Inverters support heavy load applications ?

Yes, today Inverters for Elevator, Air conditioner have become very common. Similarly UPS of hundreds of KW capacity are used in demanding applications.

What advantage Generator has over Battery back-up systems ?

Typically generators are preferred when over and above 10 KVA Load is to be supported for three hours or more duration, during power cut situations. Rather with greater back-up duration for such consumptions, a Generator becomes economically more viable option.