‘Analyte Equipments & Services’ is India’s one of the most vibrant and reliable solution providing
hub for 24x7 electronic Security-Fire-Power management & automation systems.

Today, ANALYTE along-with some of the largest International / Indian companies, brings together the best & affordable systems for – companies, corporate offices, Malls, SOHO, retail outlets, financial institutes, medical & life saving set-ups, government organizations, individuals and many others.

why analyte

Be it a commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, SOHO or even a domestic set-up; least welcomed are the unwanted interruptions – some may just cause an inconvenience while the rest - invariably end up in to an emergency situation.

Although it is impossible to predict when emergency will strike, it is possible through good management and excellent preparation - both to substantially reduce the probability of an emergency and limit it’s impact if it culminates in to a disaster, should one happen.

… for the smartest emergency systems, always talk to ANALYTE,
   just because ;
… history is punctuated by avoidable emergencies!


‘Analyte provides customer-centric solutions for, Security – Fire – Power electronics, in today’s modern world. The goal of any system implemented by Analyte will always be, to derive as much value as possible, for the investment made by the customer.’