Fire Suppression


Clean Agent Fire Suppression

CO2 Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression

What is Fire Suppression ?
The sole objective of a fire suppression system is to extinguish or suppress a fire as quickly as possible. A fire suppression system is built to extinguish fires through the application of a fire suppression agent like water, foam, or chemical agents. These systems are commonly designed with components to detect factors like extreme heat, smoke, or fire to trigger a response. Electronic fire detection is attached to an alarm system that will alert you when the fire has been detected and initiate steps to further suppress the fire.

Sprinklers : Sprinklers are a very reliable and effective way of fighting the spread of a fire in its early stages. Fire sprinklers are small, thermosensitive, glass-bulb water spray sprinklers available in several different models, finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements. sprinklers reduce the impact of fires, in both preventing injury and death to civilians and firefighters and are effective at controlling and mitigating the effects of fire, significantly reducing property damage.

CO2 Fire Suppression System : This system uses carbon dioxide to put out the fire. This is also a waterless system of suppression. It is cost-efficient and does not result in a lot of mess.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression : clean agent fire suppression system quickly extinguishes the fire without harming the equipment, employees, and the environment. It leaves no residues to clean up which minimizes the disruption to your business operations.

Act fast… faster than Fire!