Solar Thermal

ETC - Solar Water Heater

FPC - Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters lead the initiative in saving electricity and in the endeavor of utilizing natural energies; the installation of the appliance in every household can reduce dependence on hydroelectricity to a large extent and save hydroelectricity.

Solar Water Heaters are one of the most significant contributors to climate change and electricity, installing and deploying efficient solar water heaters should be the topmost priority for everybody.

(ETC) Solar Water Heater : The Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) series of solar water heaters are the most efficient ones, they are built to work seamlessly all through the year, the all-weather solar water heaters function effectively to deliver piping hot water to the entire family.

(FPC) Solar flat plate collectors are one of the commonly used devices (of flat plate solar water heater) where a glazed Flat Plate Solar Collector gets mounted on insulated, weatherproofed boxes fitted with a dark absorber plate under one or more plastic or glass covers (known as glazing).

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